Wednesday, September 25, 2013


This chart has to do with blending your own teas. Whether you need it for simple herbal tea at the end of the day, or if your more interested in the whole idea of the healing properties of teas -- great! This chart will help you understand some basics of mixing your own teas.
There are a few general recipes; however, it really depends on personal taste. I love herbal teas on occasion, although I do not support caffeinated teas -whatsoever. Caffeine can really do a lot of harm to the body. And yes, this does mean that I do not support or suggest green tea! But along those lines, I do occasionally enjoy a herbal tea.  But there are a few general rules that should be followed when making herb teas. The usual amount of herb used is 1 teaspoon of dried herbs or 3 teaspoons of fresh herbs to one cup of boiling water. Pour the cup of boiling water over the herb  and let set (steep) for 5 to 10 minutes. To make the tea stronger, use more herbs -- don't let it steep longer, this will cause bitterness.
I find the use of teas a very powerful, yet forgotten remedy. People tend to use the prepared tea bags as a means of drinking tea -- I am guilty of this too, for reasons of convince. But ironically I am not a huge tea drinker. Maybe I will drink one, once every month or two? But I found this awesome device about 2 months ago that makes me want to drink tea everyday! Its from mountain rose herbs, and it is genius. I think I showed the girls at work this commercial like 50 times.
It's quite an inventive device, and I look forward to my purchase soon. But meanwhile I am making myself a list of all the teas that I plan on drinking, hence my research into making your own tea blends by scratch! Very cool. I never heard of people doing this before, but I guess its just the hippie inside of me that found this so intriguing!
Speaking of herbal teas, water, liquid in general I learned an awesome fact that I believe needs to be held around the world. And I would love some help with this experiment. I may write a blog post with the responses! One week trial test. This is the theory:
Stop drinking water or liquid with your meals to lose a few pounds. Change only that. Stop drinking water or liquid 30 minutes before you start eating, and an hour and a half after you finish. The idea is that liquid dilutes your hydrochloric acid in your stomach -- causing your digestion to slow down. You will digest your food much more properly if you do not drink with your meal. Causing a speed of your metabolism. Don't change anything else -- just your drinking times. Obviously, this will not cause massive weight loss, and obviously a change of diet, and exercise is needed to -- however, what if you only changed one thing, an easy thing, would it work? I am curious. I heard about this at Misty Mountain, but I am longing for substantial evidence.
Weigh yourself morning and night for 7 days, and email me the results of how much total weight you lost during the week (you don't have to email me how much you weigh, duh! but just how much you dropped from this single change). It can't hurt to try it?

Monday, September 23, 2013



It feels wonderful to be home,
although I do miss Australia's beauty.
I am blessed to have such a wonderful husband who welcomes me back home so lovingly. He even cleaned up the entire house. And this morning we ate waffles -- he said they were good. But I think he missed the gluten a little. Cooking without gluten is difficult. People don't realize that if they cook with wheat. Its a change that I will grow into. I did eat some really good pears for breakfast. The pears might have been better than Australia's, but I am not sure -- I'd have to compare. They were up there though. They were so juicy, they spilled all over me as I bit into them. yum!

My bed is so much more comfortable then I remember. Although, I haven't slept too much in it lately and the smell when I first walked into my own house was overwhelming. Its funny how each house has its own smell? Not that my house smells bad -- actually it smells a lot like cold wood (can wood smell cold?). Well, that's what I liken it towards. I couldn't believe my trip was over. I finished half the reading I thought I would, and one of my eye feels slightly stressed (and it is red and blotchy) I think from straining my eyes to read on the planes. I did read a lot -- there was nothing much else to do anyways.

Coming home to my internet felt like I just arrived in the 20th century again. It didn't take forever; and I got what I needed done so fast; I felt almost confused. I can load pictures without feeling like I need to pace around the room just to pass the time along faster.

With that, you've probably noticed here are some pictures of my trip; these are pictures that I haven't uploaded due to slow service. Most are from the zoo, and another from our trip to lighthouse beach. Both were taken weeks apart, yet somehow, I wore the same skirt in both pictures (wow, kind of embarrassing). And funny thing is, I am wearing the same skirt right now as I type this. Can you tell I wear the same thing I love a lot? What's worse is that I did not have my sim card for my camera, so these are all taken by my Australian friends -- and mostly, these are the only picture I have. I think I have bad luck with camera's. My blue Holga 35mm camera, that I thought was so vintage, never worked for me. Something bad always happened. Firstly, it was the only picture I took on my family trip to west Virginia -- 98% of the film wasn't properly taken and did not develop. Then the 5 pictures I did have, I forgot them at my Mom's house. Then to Australia, it was the only camera I had, that worked -- exposed the film on one round, and the next -- it broke. No, literally it broke. I left it with a wonderful New Zealand artist, whom hopefully will have better luck then I have. But Luckily I do have some pictures. And most of them are with my new favorite animal in the world. The wallabies, which is a smaller version of a kangaroo. They are the cutest things ever. I just wanted to stick one in my pocket and take it home. Seriously. When William saw it, he said "Maybe we could get them as our next pet, Amy's friend has one". He said that, dead serious. Or something close to that.

Koala's are cute too, I guess. But I find in person they look like grumpy old men! Still, a wonderful animal, and my goodness, I still would like to hold one -- but oh the wallabies! Nothing can take my wallabies out of my heart now. They are truly lovely. Beautiful, and hoppy creatures.

The scenery was spectacular. Its funny because the New Zealand girls, when we went to that beach commented about how this particular beach made them miss New Zealand. They told me how truly picture perfect their country was. The only place I have ever been that could rival that place, was Northern Idaho. Now, I have never been a fan of mountains (when I was younger) but after living in North Idaho for 3 years, it converted me into a wilderness mountain women. I love how spectacular and breath taking they truly are. Now, Australia's beaches were climbing with mountain ranges -- and rock formations on the beaches. Wow. It was winter, remember, so I did not go swimming. Most people did not go swimming unless they were surfing, with a wet suit. And I am a wimp about water. So, no, I did not go swimming. Unfortunately. Did you know that most people who drown in the ocean in Australia are tourist? Because they don't know about rapids, or undercurrents? Luckily, I made it out alive. Just a fun fact that a girl in Australia told me. Well, actually its not a "fun" fact. More of a "sad" fact, but.

Isn't It lovely?
This is a Dingo. You know in, "A Dingo ate my baby?" Its a wild dog, close to a wolf. It cannot bark, but only can howl. And when I went up to pet it, it licked my face! I think he like me! He was quite sweet. The zoo keeper said that they are very hard to train, and mostly they do as they please. Unlike you command a dog to do things, you suggest them to the Dingo's, because if they do not want to do it; they won't. But this Dingo was an elderly Dingo, and it was super sweet. Some people in the bush have them as pets -- I heard. Not sure if that's true or not.

Sometimes, I wish I went swimming. But I am sure, I probably would back out if I was there now. Only because, the water would be too cold. But hey, I got some good pictures standing next to it. I think that's good enough. Maybe I'll go in the summer next time. Who knows what adventure lies next? Maybe New Zealand? But wherever God leads me, I am sure I'll be happy. I am so glad I made it safe and sound. I never realized how much I loved my house until I left for a month. Oh the joys of having your own shower. Oh where did that month go? It all went by so fast!
(This is me picking strawberries from a hydroponic garden in Kempsey; Isn't that a cool idea? Baton Rouge, take some notes, please.)
Hope all is well, glad to show you some pictures!

Saturday, September 21, 2013


This trip back has been hectic at best. Although, I am now currently sitting in the "Air New Zealand Lounge" waiting for my flight to take off in two hours. I was bumped twice, once as a volunteer. Now two days, and two unproductive air flights later -- here I am sitting, waiting to go home. Luckily I am flying business class for my fifteen hour flight to LAX; so there you have it -- I have almost left Australia. But not quite.

Luckily on my fanatic trip to Sydney than to Melborne, and back to Sydney -- I found and read a wonderful eye-opening book called, "The Brain That Changes Itself" by Dr. Norman Doidge (MD). I am only two chapters in and already I am dying to read the rest, yet I decided to save it for my flight. The most interesting chapter was the last one I read -- okay and the one before. But for the moment I am going to be speaking about the second chapter on Barbra Arrowsmith Young, "a women labeled 'retarded' (she had severe learning disabilities) discovers how to heal herself" (pg. 27).

Being diagnosed with learning disabilities as a child I drank up this whole chapter -- and fast. I feel as though I've never been so interested in anything before. I have been diagnosed with "auditory comprehension disorder". I have a few other learning disabilities that also hinder my ability to communicate, spell and read as well. Talking to me for a few minutes you might notice a few of them -- to understand anything you are talking about I ask a million questions, as a means to comprehend various daily communication. I try to describe it as people talking way to fast -- I cannot understand them. I get frustrated sometime while trying to communicate what I am thinking. Thoughts have a difficult time coming from my brain to my mouth, and coming out correctly. Although, I am a horrible speller; I am a fairly decent writer, when I set out to be. However, reading somewhat difficult. Yet, I love reading. Now with this, I am very intelligent, although I do find it hard to communicate in certain areas of my life. But that's just a little about me.

In this chapter it explains how she was before she understood how to correct her learning disabilities. Although some of her brain did not function properly, her mind did something spectacular, it could take a "back road" if trained properly. This back road theory is described well in the book on page 9; "'I look at it this way' says Bach-y-Rita. 'if you are driving from here to Milwauke, and the main bridge goes out, first you are paralyzed. Then you take old secondary roads through the farmland. Then, as you use these roads more, you find shorter paths to use to get where you want to go, and you start to get there faster.' These 'secondary' neural pathways are 'unmasked,' or exposed, and with use, strengthened. This 'unmasking' is generally thought to be one of the main ways the plastic brain reorganizes itself."

It also went into detail on how to CORRECT and yes TREAT the learning and attention issues correctly -- without medications. It also explains why these learning issues are coming to the for front(starting to grow rapidly in the 1960s) -- we no longer use classical methods of teaching as we did to strengthen frontal brain development -- such as cursive and strict emphasis on handwriting, and also wrote memorization (especially long passages, and most were in another language such as Greek, or Latin). Quote on page 42 state, "Then in the 1960s educators dropped such traditional exercises from the curriculum, because they were too rigid or boring, and 'not relevant'. But the loss of these drills has been costly; they may have been the only opportunity that many students had to systematically exercise the brain function that gives us fluency and grace with symbols." Kind of interesting if you ask me!

Great book, will finish it on the plane, totally recommend it. Hope too see you soon!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Which came first, the metric system, or the American measuring system? Answer at the bottom.

Oh wow; tomorrow marks a month in Australia -- can you believe I will be flying back to the states on Friday (Thursday in the States)? It's gone by so fast. It's truly an unbelievable country with many different facets. I found that they truly do say "mate" here by the way. They have clothes lines all over Australia -- not just in the bush, but also in the cities. But the best part was understanding how much I truly love helping people. I miss volunteering and giving my time and energy to people who need it most. It's truly a rewarding and humbling experience. Especially working with guest who are really touch-and-go. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that I am truly helping them. I am so grateful that the Lord has given me this opportunity to help others. Studying here at Misty Mountain has opened my eyes to a whole new world.

I know I talk some about health and nutrition in my blog posts -- I just wanted to point out that I never want to seem forceful, or too overly opinionated about my cause towards natural health care. Although, I do love it and full heartedly believe in it --  I hope I will never criticizes anyone's beliefs, or pose any negativity towards any persons. Because, we are all entitled to make our own choices as we see fit.

Being abroad for this month has made me appreciate some of America's fine qualities. Especially the gun laws. Did you know that in Australia that you may not shoot anyone, even if they are attacking your family? Unless they have a gun, and shoot first -- or something ridiculous like that. And if you have a baby you receive a "baby bonus" of $2,000 -- anybody, not just people on welfare. Interesting, huh?!

Tomorrow will be my last breakfast. Its so wonderful eating here. I can eat everything! Its so brilliant, and wonderful. Most days I want to gorge myself on all this amazing vegan food. Lentils, Salad, pumpkin soup, and more! oh and the potato bake is the best ever! I seriously almost ate the whole plate when we had it two weeks ago. It's silly how I am so fond of the food. Did I mention the vegan quiche!? I had sweet potatoes  for breakfast. And I learned that I actually like apples. I did try a tomato which they pronounce "TO-MAT-O" and they still were gross. Oh funny word, the word for gross is "yuck." so if something taste bad they say, "Oh Yuck!" But on the other hand, if it taste good they say "Oh it is so Yum!" Its funny really.

I learned a lot in the garden. And they plant almost everything around here. They celery is much different when grown in the garden compared to bought in the stores. It taste much stronger. That most times they only use the leaves of the celery because the stalks are too potent. The kids play with chickens all day which they call "chooks" -- and they all ride bikes everywhere. And they all know all different kinds of spiders and snakes! All of them it seems. And they put the pythons loose in the house to catch the rodents that come in during the spring! Crazy right!?

When I talk they are so funny. They say I am so expressionistic just like in the movies. Its funny, because they all watch "American" T.V. so I do not have an accent. I thought I was going to be cool with my accent, but they are all used to it. When will I ever have a cool accent? Now when I try to imitate they're Australian accent they say I sound English, but I think I sound mighty Australian, mate.

I found out that I love coconut cream, and dehydrated bananas and pears. I also love cooked kale. and guacamole and hummus on my salad. I also love pears. I love pears more than I have ever loved pears before. I also like bananas mixed in the blender with soy milk poured over my millet in the morning. I also like millet. I also like quinoa, but I still hate quinoa salad. I also love tofu. I found a new love for tofu. And tofu cheesecake. Love tofu cheesecake. I also still do not like the metric system. Its very complicated and does not make sense still.

I also do not like driving on the opposite side of the road. Yes, the wrong side of the road. And round-a-bouts. Do not like round-a-bouts.

I love hiking. I love the bush, but do not like tics. I've had 4 tics. Maybe more, but I haven't found them yet. I love kangaroos and wallabies. They are now my new favorite animal. I also like strawberries. But still not as much as watermelons. But do I like pears or watermelons more? The jury is still out on that one.

I now want to learn a musical instrument. Violin? Cello? or maybe the piano.

But more than all my lists of mostly food loves -- I want to volunteer more. I want to help the elderly, and the ill. I find this line of work very demanding, but extremely rewarding -- much more rewarding than any experience I have known. I love helping people. I enjoy showing them the love that I was shown through Christ. And beyond that I enjoy seeing them happy when they leave. I enjoy seeing the results of the program. And the knowledge that they take home is far more powerful than any drug could've given them. They start to learn about their illness, and the options. I believe that no matter what illness one may have, the patient has the right to reflect on the choices that they will make. Regardless if they end up choosing alternative medicine or not; Misty mountain becomes a retreat for many guest to step away from their hectic life, and choose the best treatment option for them.

It is bitter-sweet leaving. I am sure I will be back soon. I also am sure I will be traveling again soon. It was a wonderful experience, and opportunity. It has opened my eyes to people, and cultures that I have never known. And in a way that would not be shown to me at any hotel, or resort. I can truly say I have met Australia.

Thank you all for reading my blog! Its been fun writing to all of y'all back at home. I hope it helped you catch up to where I was at, what I was learning and such. I miss you all. Even though it was a lovely trip I cannot wait to see every single one of you back at home. Especially my husband, William. And a special thank you to that dear husband of mine who allowed me to travel both financial and emotionally, encouraging me to go on this "once in a lifetime opportunity". You are truly the love of my life, and this month would not have been possible without you. I cannot wait to be in your arms again soon. I love you.

Also thanks to my Dad who financially paid for the plane flight. I am so glad to have you as a dad. I have really learned a lot about myself, other people, cultures and life from this trip. You paying for this trip has been the best present I have ever received. It has taught me a lot about hard work. (Dad can you believe I did all the dishes all day without a dishwasher, and hung all the clothes on the line, since they do not have dryers! ha!) I am so glad I was able to go. Thank you and I love you dad.

And thanks to all the support from all my family and friends, including the Bellefontaine's. I cannot wait for another adventure that lays in wait in my life. I am so excited I was able to share this part of my life with you. I will be home shortly, and will be giving lots of hugs upon my return! Pray that my flight goes well -- even with a 10 hour lay over in L.A.! I think I may run around the airport for exercise after getting off my 15 hour plane flight!

And last but not least, I wanted to thank spell check. Seriously, I could not have written without you.

oh and the answer? The American measuring system comes first. A quote from good old Wikipedia states, "The U.S. system of units is similar to the British imperial system. Both systems are derived from English units, a system which had evolved over the millennia before American independence, and which had its roots in Roman and Anglo-Saxon units." Which came before the standard metric unit. Australia actually only switched over to the metric unit in the 1960s.

By the way Australia does not have pennies. And their smallest dollar note is a five dollar bill. They only have a 1 and 2 dollar coin. Weird huh?

Until I see you soon!

Monday, September 9, 2013


Its been so hectic here lately; ever since the new week started. We have two cancer patients here now -- and everyone needs constant attention and care. Monday and Tuesday are the detox days, juicing fasts -- and these days are the most busy, since just about everybody is withdrawing from some substance or another. Whether its processed foods (seriously), caffeine, sugars, gluten or drugs/ alcohol. So, with that said, I have been a little busy. I am working mostly all day -- from 6am to 5pm and every other day until 8pm. Most is just house work, and in the garden (where I am headed next) -- so it is a bit different from the massage therapist lifestyle I live at home, with most of the work outside.

Last night, I gave a hot foot bath to a guest with a terrible caffeine headache. It seemed to work well; however, I was so tired by the end of my shift at 8pm -- I fell asleep immediately when I plopped in my bed. I always seem to feel refreshed when I awake, but lately towards the end of the night I feel quite sleepy. Especially when working in the garden, or doing laundry all day. Luckily lectures tend to be in the morning when I seem more awake.

Although Australia is beautiful, and I am learning quite a lot -- I am starting to feel quite homesick. I miss my husband terribly, and don't seem to speak to him as often as I like. Like I've said in a few of my post, my phone does not work well at all, and when I can call the states is limited to say the least -- especially during work weeks. I meant to send out postcards, but forgot when I was in town. I miss cooking, and my own house and my own privacy. I miss playing cards with William in the evening. And even his guitar practice. Lately I seem to think I want to start playing a musical instrument. Maybe violin? But that's another tangent.

Like I said -- things have been busy, and as I am writing this post I am feeling a bit tired. But I wanted to fill you all in on how I have been doing. I miss you all. I am so ready for a Louisiana winter its unreal! I am actually quite glad I got to miss the tail end of the heat.

I haven't been able to see any comment on this blog. I am not sure, technical reasons? Just letting you all know that. Can't wait to see you all!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


"A picture is worth a thousand words".
Australia -- the beautiful.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Before I take off for the week; I had a request to do an article or blog post on Gout, Back Pain (slipped disk), and the problems with Gluten. These are all truly fascinating subjects that could be spent years researching individually; however I will give you a brief summary of what I have learned while interning at a natural health retreat, and some of what I have known already.

Firstly, above all the body was created and designed to heal itself; even without the use of antibiotics, vaccines, surgeries, and pharmacology drugs (these actually hinder the bodies natural ability to fight infection for itself). If you got a cold would you cut yourself of the impure blood? No! Of course not, that sounds insane! Right? Did you know that how George Washington died? In the 1700's "Blood Letting" was a common practice among favored medical professionals.

"On Thursday, December 12, 1799, Washington spent several hours inspecting his plantation on horseback, in snow, hail, and freezing rain—later that evening eating his supper without changing from his wet clothes. That Friday he awoke with a severe sore throat and became increasingly hoarse as the day progressed, yet still rode out in the heavy snow, marking trees on the estate that he wanted cut. Sometime around 3 a.m. that Saturday, he suddenly awoke with severe difficulty breathing and almost completely unable to speak or swallow. A firm believer in bloodletting, a standard medical practice of that era which he had used to treat various ailments of enslaved Africans on his plantation, he ordered estate overseer Albin Rawlins to remove half a pint of his blood. A total of three physicians were sent for, including Washington's personal physician Dr. James Craik along with Dr. Gustavus Brown and Dr. Elisha Dick. By the time the three physicians had finished their treatments and bloodletting of the President, there had been a massive volume of blood loss—half or more of his total blood content being removed over the course of just a few hours. Washington died at home around 10 p.m. on Saturday, December 14, 1799, aged 67."

God has given us all that we need to create healing within our bodies. His way does not poison us, burn us (radiation), and surgery is not required. His way is perfect. It works with our bodies innate healing mechanisms that each of us possess. Now understand that God loves us, and winks at our ignorance (Acts 17:7 KJV). Dealing with illness we all need to learn how to listen to our bodies -- stop eating when you are no longer hungry, understand the bodies cries for water, eat more raw vegetables and fruits, and stop eating those processed and fried food that will kill you. Learn the messages from the garden: a little less on grain (how long did it take in the olden days to process wheat, make pasta, make cereals...etc.); a little less on your nut intake (cracking those hard shells take work -- how many would you eat if you had to by hand crack all your nuts?); eat more of natures truly fast food --vegetables and fruits! These should have no limit (unless you are suffering with candida, than maybe stray away from the sugary fruits). People are looking for wonder-cures -- the latest diet craze, the fastest cure, yes even chemotherapy. All your ills and pains stem back to diet. What are you eating? All in all, diet holds the key to the cure. If your interested in truly transforming your diet a great study was completed by a professor at Cornell University, by Collin Campbell "The China Study".   It will go into further detail of how diet effects cancer growth, diabetes, and other diet related illnesses. Wonderful book; however, it is written by a medical professional and may be very difficult to understand. "Forks over knives" is a documentary done surrounding the topic of the China Study and is easier to comprehend. I cannot push a plant-based diet enough -- it is truly remarkable. Through these studies it proves that cancers, diabetes, and heart disease is a paper tooth tiger, it needs not to exist at all.

*Do not be confused with the latest trends in the vegan or vegetarian diet. Raw food will deliver what cooked food won't, but cooked food will deliver what is not available in the raw.*

A good sign of wellness starts with looking at your tongue, your tongue should be pink front to back; if it is covered with a pink fuzz, you may have an overgrowth of candida -- the white fuzz is yeast. Try the candida self-test. The best time to do this test is the first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up. Before you rinse, spit, or put anything in your mouth, go get a glass of water (in a clear glass). Now build up a bunch of saliva (just mouth saliva, do not cough up anything) and spit it into the glass of water. Observe what happens.
My Body FluidsThe saliva will float. That is okay and normal. If within 15 minutes you see thin projections extending downward into the water, it is a positive sign for candida. The projections may look like hair, or small strings, like a jelly fish or spider legs, moving down into the water from the saliva floating on the top. Other positive indications might be very "cloudy" saliva that will sink to the bottom of the glass within a few minutes or particles that slowly sink or suspend below the saliva glob. What you are seeing are colonies of yeast which band together to form the strings. Candida can be the underlying cause of many different ills. A good probiotic will help -- this one is my favorite. It is called yeast away; there is no other probiotic in my opinion that will work as well as Yeast Away. Click the link and call 866-442-0617 in the USA and ask for Randy -- they will locate a health food department that sells their product. A good probiotic, such as yeast away, will help gout and people who are just coming off gluten. It will flood the gut with healthy bacteria again to help control digestion properly.

Now to Gout; the diet is of great importance. A large fluid intake is very helpful. Alcohol must be eliminated. Take equal parts of granulated skullcap, yarrow, and valerian (not powdered variety, but only as whole dried plant parts), and mix thoroughly together. Use a heaping teaspoon to a cup of boiling water. Steep and drink a cupful an hour before meals and one upon retiring. Drink four cups a day, an hour before each meal and at bedtime. But if tea is not your pleasure, than a ginger poultice is a wonderful alternative or also can be used together. A ginger poultice is also good for arthritis, inflamed joints, tennis elbow, and bursitis. Finely grate fresh ginger, place onto a cloth, fold edges in to make a parcel, place the thin side on the affected area. Cover with glad wrap and a bandage to hold in place. Your skin may get very hot, and feel as though it is burning -- it is not burning, it is actually the ginger pulling out the inflammation out of the joints. Keep the poultice on overnight. It is one of the most potent anti-inflammatory herbs on planet earth.

Exercise is an amazing healing property that many people do not take advantage of when their back is hurting. Have you ever head the saying more people rust out than wear out? If your muscles are not being used, your body will break them down (atrophy). "If you don't use it; you lose it". Now, with exercise, diet is of more importance. 80% of curing ills is diet; while 20% is exercise: you cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet. Like I said earlier, diet is of the most importance when it comes to ridding your body of aches and pains, with exercise being second. What you do through your life, will determine how you die. Activity will keep you young. The author Doug McGoff goes more into detail with this topic, and explains how high intensity training is the most beneficial for helping and curing back pains. Also, have you seen a chiropractor? Watch the documentary doctored for more details.
Doctored Trailer.
Now for Gluten. God made Traditional Wheat as what we call "Emmer" grain. This is no longer available in the pure condition now-a-days, since the over processing of wheat and GMO modification has corrupted the grain since the 1970s (when the GMO wheat went world wide -- and around this time gluten allergies have popped up everywhere). It was originally genetically modified to provide more wheat for the ever growing population -- this modified wheat grew faster and was easier to hull. Since it is easier to hull, and has a weaker shell -- fungus and yeast can attack it faster and much more. Haven't you noticed the ever growing problem with candida? Most stem back to the moldy wheat. Also the GMO wheat has much more gluten in it than the original emmer wheat --hence most peoples bodies cannot digest it properly. This leads to constipation, IBS, and other digestive and bowl problems. Even if you try to buy organic emmer wheat; the wheat process has been so contaminated, you may not be getting what you are looking for. Some people only have a slight allergy to it, some are highly allergic and some are even celiac. But most people have some sort of allergy to wheat, and may never know it. But this is only part of the problem. It all starts when we are just babes. Our first teeth that grow in (four on top, four on bottom) are called our milk teeth. When these teeth grow in, we should still be breast feeding. However around 14-20 months the baby molars arrive. At the same time that the molars come-in a hormone is created called ptyalin. Ptyalin breaks down starch. Before the molars arrive our babies cannot break down starches! Yet, we are trained to feed them breads and cereals -- haven't you noticed the baby keeps spitting out their food, yet we keep shoving it back into their mouth? Why is that? Tradition. This creates an allergy and mal-absorption syndrome. And the bloated stomach of a baby? Wheat belly! It is a side effect of feeding the child starches too soon. If the baby has eczema this is an allergic reaction to BOTH diary and wheat. Have you heard the diet that helps an autistic child the most? They stop all sugars, dairy, and gluten and they improve 50% -- gluten intolerance is a huge problem in our society today, although it is some-what recognized, a lot of people are still in the dark.
*this is a better explanation about babies, and how to feed them, please click on link*
Also don't forget that a good place to buy herbs (that I used in a tea format with Gout treatment) is at
hope this helps:)